When AWeber Goes Down

February 28, 2014



When AWeber Goes Down

By now, it’s all over the Internet because on Tuesday of this last week I was trying to email my subscribers to tell them about some free affiliate marketing training.

The email was already written, however, I couldn’t send it out because due to a fatal error, AWeber was down all day.  This was something I had never experienced before but, it got me to thinking.

imagesAWeberRocks When AWeber Goes Down

As business owners, shouldn’t we be prepared for the inevitable?  Nothing is foolproof, no matter how big or how well the company prepares itself.  Therefore, we should have some alternatives.  Here are a few backup auto responder companies we should consider.

  1. GetResponse

This is an auto responder company much like AWeber and you’ve probably heard of it before.  They are a little bit less expensive than AWeber to start out.  They charge $15 a month for up to 1,000 emails.

After that the price goes up accordingly.  Most auto responder companies operate in this manner.

They call themselves the “World’s Easiest Email Marketing Platform”.  With all companies, they have their good and bad points.  Some people love them and some people, not so much.

This is some of what they offer for List Management Services:

Multiple Lists and Segments
Preferences Management
Signup Forms
Social Networking Signup Form Options

AutoResponse Plus or (ArpReach)

This is very interesting because it’s a piece of software.  The software is $395 and there is an installation fee, however they offer 50% off of the installation fee.

This automated software is uploaded to your web server and you can load it up with imagesFree vs Paid Software GOOD When AWeber Goes Downemails that will go out automatically at the time  you desire.

Once you buy the software, there is no monthly fee for sending out emails so, you can send out 1 or 1,000,000.

You can sign up for a 30 day free trial to see if you can’t live without it!  Basically, there are no controls about what you can send, when you can send it or how many you can send.

Become an aindexStackedMoney When AWeber Goes Downffiliate of ArpReach and receive $25
in your affiliate account Click to Tweet

Support and updates are available for the software
and there is an affiliate program.  The commission is 25% for the first level and I saved the best for last.  If you sign up as an affiliate you receive $25 in your Affiliate account right now, as a bonus.

On the application, a question they ask is who told you about ArpReach?  I would appreciate a shout out. Thanks, in advance.

2 Plans

  1. Standard plan – which is $195/no monthly fee and a free $97 installation.
  2. Gold plan -  which is $395/no monthly fee and a free $97 installation

There is a lot more information but, I touched on the highlights.  Go investigate, you’ll be glad you did.

Amazon SES ( Simple Email Service)

Here is a platform where you only pay for emails you send.  They claim to have a high deliverability rate due to the fact that content filtering technologies help detect and block messages containing viruses or malware before they can be sent.

They maintain a complaint feedback loop which means that they keep track of emails you mark as spam.

Multiple E-Mail Sending Interfaces

This is a nice feature because there are 3 ways to send email.

  1. SMTP – is ideal if you want to take advantage of your existing SMTP-enabled email client or software program.
  2. Amazon SES Console - which is the quickest way to get set up.
  3. Amazon Query SES API – which is a more advanced option


If you are an Amazon EC2 user, you can get started with Amazon SES for free, however, there is a charge for attachments which is 12 cents per GB of attachments sent.

You are charged 10 cents per thousand emails sent to a single recipient and one email that is sent to many different addresses is considered to be a unique message to each recipient.

imagesPennies In Hand GOOD When AWeber Goes Down

There is no charge for data transfer as long as it’s inbound and coming to Amazon SES, however, there is a charge for outbound data transfer.

Here is a place where you can compare the different email marketing services and decide for yourself what’s best for your needs.

Good luck with your choice!

Geri Richmond

Geri Richmond When AWeber Goes Down




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6 Responses to “When AWeber Goes Down”

  1. Adrienne Says:

    I’m with Aweber as well Geri and I was kind of freaked out that their site was down. That also meant no one could opt into your list if they wanted to which has never happened as long as I’ve been with them. It was something out of their control though like most things that go wrong online.

    I can appreciate having a backup plan but I’m not going with another company because of one mishap. If it were to continue happening then I could see that they aren’t willing to resolve the problem so that their clients won’t have consistent interruption with their service.

    I like Aweber and I’ve used Get Response and it’s a company I’ll never go back to. I don’t want to upload any type of software that would overload my server and the service with Amazon isn’t very user friendly. They don’t have easy setups for opt-in boxes and I’ve definitely got to have easy.

    Thanks for sharing these though but hope you won’t be bailing on Aweber any time soon.

    Adrienne recently posted…Does The World Really Need Another…My Profile


    • Geri Richmond Says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      I’m not going to bail on AWeber but, it’s always good to have a backup especially if it’s free. I’ve been with AWeber about two years myself and they have never had a problem.

      There are some reputable companies that I mentioned in this post where you can get a free account that will cover up to 2000 subscribers.

      If you can, it’s better to be prepared for any disaster rather than being adrift at sea. Just throwing out some alternatives for people to think about, that’s all!

      I appreciate your comments and support.
      Thanks, Adrienne


  2. Sherman Smith Says:

    Hey Geri,

    I was pretty lucky since I sent my broadcast email out the day before AWeber had the DDos attacks. I got on facebook the following day and the next thing I know, I see on my wall that AWeber was down because of a DDos attack. I couldn’t believe it myself since this never happened to me either. But you’re right Geri. It’s wise to have some type of backup plan like having another autoresponder to use or any other option. I never heard of the last two autoresponders. They are a bit expensive but it’s good to know they are out there! Thanks for sharing!
    Sherman Smith recently posted…How Do You Generate Traffic From Social Media?My Profile


    • Geri Richmond Says:

      Hey Sherman,
      Good to see you. Thanks for coming by to post your comments. I wasn’t so lucky. The day I wanted to send out my email was the day the attack happened. Then it happened again 2 days later when I wanted to send out another post. Then Get Response went down. Kind of scary because here I am talking about a backup plan and 2 of the biggest AR companies are down. :)

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment. I appreciate it!


  3. Kaloyan Banev Says:

    I used to be with Aweber for many years. About 2 years ago, I’ve switched to MailChimp. Quite happy with the service and especially tracking capabilities. Though for my new project I am going to test Amazon, as I am getting it for free as part of the rest AWS that I am using.
    Kaloyan Banev recently posted…Interview with Gail Gardner – The Martermind of GrowMapMy Profile


    • Geri Richmond Says:

      Hey Kaloyan,
      Thanks for visiting my blog and welcome. Please keep us posted on Amazon, would you? I didn’t choose MailChimp because they are not kind to affiliate marketers, unless things have changed. I thought it strange but, they wouldn’t allow affiliate links.
      I really like Gail and I think she has a passion for helping people.
      Thanks so much for your comments and come back again.
      Have a great day! :)
      Geri Richmond


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