Valentine And Free JustRetweet 10 Tips For Success Guide

February 7, 2014



Valentine And Free JustRetweet 10 Tips For Success Guide

If you’re a blogger or have a website with a blog on it, then you’ve probably heard of JustRetweet.  If you haven’t heard of JustRetweet, then you’re in for a treat.

Valentine Belonwu is the founder of JustRetweet and what better time to talk about this man then in the month of February.  You know Valentine’s Day. icon smile Valentine And Free JustRetweet 10 Tips For Success Guide

All joking aside, Valentine or Val, as he is known on BizSugar, really did something great when he started JustRetweet because it’s a platform that helps bloggers, who own businesses on the Internet, to become known.

What Is It, Exactly?

It’s a platform built on credits.  Bloggers offer a certain amount of credits to anyone who retweets their post.  There are a couple of other options such as, you can “Like” the post and Google+ the post.

You have to be a member of the community before you can accumulate credits and that’s easy enough, all you have to do is sign up.  It’s free and who doesn’t love that!

This is what the screen will look like before signing up.

 Valentine And Free JustRetweet 10 Tips For Success Guide

When you sign up you will receive 100 credits right off the bat!

There are 2 ways to gain credits.  You can earn them by retweeting other peoples posts or you can buy them.  Buying credits is a good way to go because they are fairly inexpensive, depending on what package you buy.

It also gives you the freedom to promote more of your own posts and get them out in front of other marketers and bloggers with influence.

You can also “Follow” other bloggers and they can “Follow” you.  I have to warn you,though, there is a huge temptation to just start clicking on anyone’s blog link just for the credits.

Some will offer 40,60 or 100 credits for anyone to retweet their post, so it’s very tempting.

In my opinion, this platform is so successful because bloggers and Internet Marketers really like to share information.

Your Guide For Tips On Being Successful With JustRetweet

  1. Share Your Highest Quality Content

This should go without saying!  Quality content is what is going to get you retweets.  Your goal is to have other bloggers with influence always retweet your posts because you have something of value to say. This is one of the fastest ways of becoming a person of influence yourself and delighting your own audience and those that retweet your posts.

blog post promotion 468x60 Valentine And Free JustRetweet 10 Tips For Success Guide

2. Be Picky When Choosing To Retweet

It’s very tempting to just go ahead and retweet everything on the page but, don’t do it.  We all have time constraints, but, just because they are on this platform doesn’t mean they have good content or write well.  You want to make sure that what you are sharing with other communities is good quality content.  What you choose to retweet will reflect on you good or bad.

3.  Tweet Othersimagestweetaboutus Valentine And Free JustRetweet 10 Tips For Success Guide

This should go without saying because it’s obvious, however, when you are in a hurry, it’s easy to overlook the obvious.  This is your way of gaining credits so that you can accumulate them to retweet one of your posts.


4.  Beware Of Suspected Spammers

You will know who they are because they will be retweeting several different posts at once and you will see them a lot on the same page.  Take care not to retweet these posts no matter how many credits they offer because you will end up with the bad reputation.

5.  Hashtags

Use them sparingly and not in every post you put up for retweet. You don’t want your post to look like “spam”.

6.  Become An Affiliate

Yes, there isimagesEarn Extra Cash Affiliate Valentine And Free JustRetweet 10 Tips For Success Guide an affiliate program and if this fits into your business model, then by all means become an affiliate.  This should not, in any way, affect the quality of your tweets and retweets.  It should make you more aware of the quality and care you should use in creating and selecting your retweets. They offer 30% commission.

7.  “Following” Members This is an important aspect of this platform because it’s a good way to keep an eye on your favorite tweets, as well as, accumulating credits.  Don’t forget to retweet their tweets.

8.  Paid Options I am not recommending you take this route, however some think that purchasing options is a fast track, while others put great value on building relationships, naturally.

9.  Posts In Your Own Dashboard – Find ones that:

a. repel you or

b. that appeal to you

c. types of posts you retweet

d. subjects you would like to know more about and aren’t there (hint, you could write them)

e. how many credits are offered on average?

The credits given by others range from 2 (the lowest I’ve seen) to 100, (which is the highest I’ve seen). I normally do 25, but I’ve seen some for 100.  Lately, I’ve seen what seems to be price wars going on.  The amount of credits being offered are getting higher and higher.

10.  This Platform Is Built Mostly For Bloggers

Lastly, bloggers can gain an audience and followers which is good advertisement for their business.  If you have an Internet business, you should have a blog. If you don’t have a blog, put one up and start getting some recognition with this JustRetweet Guide.

Have a great day and go rock the world while you’re at it! icon smile Valentine And Free JustRetweet 10 Tips For Success Guide If you like this tweet and retweet.

Geri Richmond

Geri Richmond Valentine And Free JustRetweet 10 Tips For Success Guide

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4 Responses to “Valentine And Free JustRetweet 10 Tips For Success Guide”

  1. Enstine Muki Says:

    Hey Geri,
    Jusretweet is of course a great platform to get traffic. Not only do you get traffic directly from the site, it does really help pull traffic from Twitter, Facebook and Google+

    Awesome tool created by Val


    • Geri Richmond Says:

      Hi Enstine,

      Thank you for reaching out and coming by to comment. I love interacting with other marketers. I couldn’t agree with you more about JustRetweet. Very sharp man that Val.

      Have a great day. :)


  2. Steven J Wilson Says:

    Hey Geri,

    I have never heard of JustRetweet. I will have to check this one out. I like testing new services.

    I normally stay away from services like this because of my findings on some research I did on the topic. My finding showed that there are a lot of fake accounts that add no value but since you wrote this nice post about them, you have me interested :)

    Thanks for this Geri!
    Steven J Wilson recently posted…How To Identify And Crush Those Pesky SpammersMy Profile


    • Geri Richmond Says:

      Hi Steven,

      So happy you stopped by and commented on this post. I get traffic from JustRetweet and BizSugar. There are a lot of top notch marketers on both of these platforms. I enjoy interacting with other marketers.
      Thanks so much for your interaction and I am glad you found value in this post. Go and check it out, I think you’ll see what I mean.


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