It‘s Incredible How Focused A Negative Person Can Be

October 24, 2013



It‘s Incredible How Focused A Negative Person Can Be

I’m sure you have heard about the Law Of Attraction, but do you know how it works?.

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The caveat about this law is that you attract to your life what you give your energy to and what you focus on.

Just recently, I wrote a post on Obstacles That Block Your Way To Success.   Today, I’m going to share with you some ways to attract what you want to your life and business.

If you are a person who sees the glass as 1/2 empty, then, you are probably not a very positive person. This affects your life in many different ways.

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When you stop and think about people you know, how many of them always seem to attract the wrong kind of people into their lives.  Their life is a disaster and nothing ever seems to go right for them.

No matter what they try, they can’t seem to succeed even though others have succeeded in that same profession, sport or business.

The Law Of Attraction is based on “birds of a feather flock together”.  If you hang out with like-minded people, whether good or bad, you will be influenced by them.

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Did you know that 90% of online businesses will fail within one to two years of start up?  I know, scary, huh.

Some common reasons businesses fail are:

1. Lack of vision

2. Lack of planning

3. Lack of branding

4. Lack of commitment to the business

5. Lack of core values that direct business activities

These are just a few of the major reasons because there are more and I could go on, but, I want to get to the meat of this article.

What is missing is the positive attitude, effort and commitment that brings positive results.

Here are some tips on how to go about asking the Universe for what you want.

1. Have A PASSION And A Purpose

“The majority work to make a living; some work to acquire wealth or fame, while a few work because there is something within them which demands expression. Only a few truly love it.”
-Edmond Boreaux Szekely

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There are so many Internet businesses that are started because of hype, not because of passion. The Law Of Attraction teaches that you attract what you think.

2. Create A Vision

“Nothing happens unless first a dream”.
-Carl Sandburg…

Create a” Vision Board” by going through magazines and cutting out pictures that represent what you would like to achieve in your business and life.

Then, follow your plan.  You will be amazed at how well it works and yes, I made a vision board several years ago.

Think it’s time to update it, although, there are a lot of plans on that board that still apply

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs spent 6 months in a garage working on Apple I. They were college drop-outs but, their passion was to be able to bring technology to homes.

indexSteve Wozniak GOOD It‘s Incredible How Focused A Negative Person Can Be


They had a single minded focus and I don’t think that they were counting all the money they were going to make at that time.

3.Remember When You Fell In Love? – Fall In Love Again

“People who lean on logic and philosophy and rational
exposition end by starving the best part of the mind.
-William Butler Yeats ”

Think about falling in love again and how you want to do everything you can to please the other person. I’m sure you’ve heard this 100 times or more, but, it’s the life-blood of your business.

indexFalling In Love GOOD It‘s Incredible How Focused A Negative Person Can Be

Center your business around your customers. Business owners that do this know how to use customer service to develop customer trust and with trust comes a long-term commitment to your business.
A trusting relationship brings revenue with it proving once again that Law of Attraction marketing is successful.

4. Make Your Brand Evoke Emotion

“ The rule of my life is make business a pleasure, and pleasure my business.”
-Aaron Burr

The Law Of Attraction marketing focuses on attracting positive customer reactions.  It also deals with feelings and emotions.  People trust a brand they become familiar with.

Brands evoke emotions and feelings.  When I was young, it was the A&W Drive-In Diners because that’s where you would go after a date and have a root beer float. Good times. :).

5. Call To Action

Be a marketing Pied Piper. He would play beautiful, upbeat music with his flute and people would line up behind him and follow.  Who wouldn’t want to follow such joy?

indexPied Piper GOOD It‘s Incredible How Focused A Negative Person Can Be

Make sure your call to action is clear and not confusing. Attraction marketing strategy says your calls to action must be focused in order to convince customers to either Click this link, Learn more about..,Add this to your cart or Contact us.

6. The Use Of Analytics

In Law of Attraction marketing, you are going to please people by satisfying their desire to be pleased. In order to reach that goal you have to know what makes them tick.

That is where the use of analytics is helpful.  There are many different kinds of analytics, such as traffic, competition stats and tracking your earnings.

Now, there are 5 Google dashboards that you can download @Traffic Generation, that’s where I found them, that will give you the low down on what you need to know about your customers, traffic, etc.

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Geri Richmond




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