How Does Facebook Fit Into The Jigsaw?

June 24, 2013


Facebook is a very important part of the Social Media Marketing puzzle.  There are to date 1.11 billion users worldwide.  Talk about exposure!


How Does Facebook Fit Into The Jigsaw?

Profile And Fan Page

First, you have to open an account.  You are allowed only one page per person, but, there are ways of having a fan page for your business.  You can link your personal page with your business fan page which is totally legal.

You will need a detailed description of who you are and what your business is all about.  Show visitors to your page or your client’s page the benefits they will receive from this product or service that you are offering.

1363855857 gossip birds How Does Facebook Fit Into The Jigsaw?

This Is Me, Asking You, To Share This Post


It’s important to be trustworthy, interesting and likable.  Be yourself!!  Not everyone is going to like you, but, that’s life.  Put up pictures and videos that you like, this will give visitors an idea of who you are.

Getting Fans And Friends

Go to other fan pages that are in the same niche.  Find other pages that are comparable to your likes and hobbies.  Interact with them by joining discussions.  Add active users in your niche, (especially those with lots of friends).

imagesFBworldwpeople How Does Facebook Fit Into The Jigsaw?

Follow your news feed and get involved.  Find out what other people are talking about and comment on statuses.  Speak your opinion and at times, be controversial.  You don’t always have to agree with the masses, but, don’t be negative.

Comment on other peoples posts and walls.  You can comment on their pictures, videos or what they said.  Posting links to things you found interesting will help attract more visitors.

Building Your Fan Base And Brand

Start with your personal profile.  Create your fan page and invite your friends.  What will happen is their friends will see something interesting that you sent and will tell their friends.  This is the beginning of going viral.

imagestipsforgoingviralonfacebook How Does Facebook Fit Into The Jigsaw?

Interlink your other social media sites to your fan page. Building relationships with friends and fans is of the utmost importance.  Don’t start selling right away and don’t harp on your products all the time. (Selling Hard).

In tomorrow’s video we will cover tips on Twitter.

Did You Like What You Read?

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Happy Facebooking!

Geri Richmond

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