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My name is Geri Richmond and I'm not your typical young woman. Many people call me eccentric but I prefer to think of myself as excited. Whatever it is, I'm not ashamed and that's part of the reason for this website. I've always wanted to keep a diary but I've never kept to the routine enough to actually succeed. It is my hope that posting my thoughts online where they can be seen forever by everyone will help keep me on task.

I live a wild life in Seattle, Washington and I love it. I enjoy many things including swimming, playing pool, hiking, drawing, and most especially - helping others. There is no greater satisfaction in life than helping someone in need and I live my life doing everything I can to help the people around me.

Maybe this online diary can help you see things from a new perspective. I don't hope to change any minds, but if I can get someone to look at things from a different perspective than I think I've succeeded.

Crazy New Stuff They're Selling Online

Say what? The very first thing I have to write about is a bunch of random as seen on TV products? Well, I wanted to start this website off by sharing some of the coolest things I've seen online this week. I'm not promoting these products, hell some of them are weird. But all of them are unique and worth sharing.

As a consumer it can be hard to know when a cool new product comes out if it isn't properly advertised. The thing is, there are many incredible products being put out these days by companies that don't have huge advertising budgets and their products get overlooked unfortunately. The good news is that with a little research it is easy to find incredible products you'd probably never know about. These products come in all sort of varieties from electronics to auto parts, to tools. Let's go over some of the coolest new products on the market that you probably haven't heard about.

Ultra Every Day Waterproofing

Have you ever wished that you could water proof any object, including maybe your smartphone? Ultra Every Day as developed a new waterproofing system that promises to do just that. The product isn't hard to use really, you just apply a layer of it to whatever object you desire and it suddenly becomes waterproof. It comes in can and spray forms for easy, convenient use. Be aware though that there are somethings that the product shouldn't be used on.

Solar Powered Camping Tent

If you've ever wanted to use electronics and small appliances in your camping tents without the need for batteries this is your lucky day. The Eddie Baur Katatatic camping tent uses an advanced Sherpa batter pack from Ground Zero and a Yeti Solar Generator to power the tend and allow you to use lighting at night as well as power small devices.

Sky Wi-Fi Smart Pen

Drawing using a mouse and keyboard can be a huge pain and light pens typically only work with desk top computers. If you wanted to draw something, or write something in your own handwriting on a tablet or smartphone you were out of luck, until now. The Sky Wi-Fi Smart pen records all of your writing/drawing directly onto your device. This is exceptionally useful when you're taking notes in a note book but would like to have a copy in digital format to share with your friends or coworkers.

No Blind Spot Rear View Mirror

One of the biggest causes of accidents at slow speeds is the dreaded blind spot in your vision when you're backing up or driving in general. This handy rear view mirror offers an incredible 180 degree panoramic view that covers all blind spots without the driver having to trun his or her head.

Smart Drugs Cheating To Beat The Odds

Many people assume that the only solution available, that can target some of the problems associated with mental performance are prescription based drugs alone. But contrary to popular belief however, not only are there some solution available that do not require the need of a prescription, these types of drugs can be taken on a daily basis without any noticeable side effects whatsoever.

What Are Nootropics

Nootropics is a medical term that is used to categorize a specific group of drugs that enhance memory, attention, focus and motivation. While it may be true that pharmaceutical drugs such as Adderall and Profiderall are categorized as Nootropics, safer alternatives such as Piractem, Noopept and L-Theanine can provide an abundance of cognitive function benefits as well, without the adverse side effects.


One of the most effective cognitive enhancers out there is L-Theanine. L-Theanine is a chemical compound that is typically extracted from green tea leaves. At doses of 50-200 mg, users can expect to feel a higher level of calmness, reduced anxiety and a higher level of attention and focus as well. One of the particularly interesting aspect about L-Theanine, is the fact that when it is combined with caffeine, the effects essentially become stronger. It is able to provide a heighten sense of attention, calmness and focus, due to the fact that it stimulates the GABA A receptors which is turn releases dopamine or the "feel good" hormone.

As such, if you choose to utilize this nootropic for the benefits it has to offer pertaining to enhanced attention and focus, ensure that you utilize 50mg of L-Theanine for every cup of coffee that you consume.


Another effective nootropic that has been doing wonders for individuals that want to improve their cognitive performance are Racetams. Racetams works by essentially, influencing the receptors within our brains and causing them to secrete a variety of hormones such as dopamine and acetylcholine.

To put things in retrospect, studies have demonstrated that low levels of acetylcholine may be responsible for a variety of cognitive deficits that some people face. It's also worth noting that the cognitive effects of these class of drugs are not just limited to a higher level of attention and focus alone, some of the other benefits that they have to offer include reduced anxiety and enhanced creativity as well. Some of the drugs that are classified as Racetams include:

  • Aniracetam
  • Oxiracetam
  • Pramiracetam
  • Noopept
  • Piracetam

Modafinil is a drug that is categorized as a wakefulness-promoting agent. It is frequently prescribed to individuals who experience sleep apnea or shift work sleep disorder. What makes this particularly unique is the fact that it gives the user a well needed heighten sense of focus and energy, regardless if they may be experiencing sleepiness, fatigue or a high level of inattention.

When it comes to acquiring these desired effects, your best bet to be to go with Adrafinil instead. Unlike Modafinil, there are no negative side effects associated with taking it, yet it works very similarly to it on a microscopic level. This drug is able to replicate the same effects of Modafinil and provide a enhanced level of attention and wakefulness due to the fact that it works directly on special receptors within the brain that is responsible for controlling alertness.

Kratom Products: A Natural Form Of Pain Relief

Mitragyna speciosa, better known as kratom, is a tree in the coffee family of plants. It is found as a native plant in Asia, Indochina and Malesia. The leaves of the kratom plant are used medicinally.

Kratom leaves are chewed to enhance mood and is psychoactive, as it changes the mood or alters the perception and level of consciousness of the person who uses it. Kratom can also be used as a part of religious practices.

Thailand has outlawed kratom for the last 70 years. Though the deciduous tree grows naturally there, the mood altering use of the leaves cuts into opium use and the tax revenues the government receives from opium use. Because kratom is traditionally used by the people where it is grown, there is no drug use stigma attached to its use.

Kratom acts on the system in much the same way as morphine. Kratom is used for pain management as well as for mood altering reasons. Typical drug screening tests do not measure the use of kratom in humans, though specialized drug testing will show kratom use.

Because kratom has not been studied, it is not known whether there are physical benefits or side effects from using the leaves. But users have had problems with such side effects as psychosis, convulsions, visions and confusion, which is not surprising since it has mind altering properties.

Some users have reported bowel obstructions and addiction issues while using the drug, while others have reported withdrawal symptoms when drug use is ceased. Kratom has not caused any recorded deaths when used on its own. Deaths when combining kratom and other chemical have caused deaths, however.

Raw kratom leaves are traditionally chewed. Kratom leaves are usually about six to seven inches long. People use kratom as a part of their cultural performances and agriculture. Chewers of this leaf use an average of 10-60 leaves per day.

Kratom is sometimes used therapeutically for withdrawal from opiates. There is no exact information on its use as an opiate substitute or mode of pain relief, because the leaf's use is not scientifically monitored. Also, the people using the leaf for therapeutic reasons self-medicate. I buy my Kratom from They have great prices and provide free shipping. What else could you ask for?

Online Schools: Improving The American Education System

High school can be a very difficult time in a person’s young life for a plethora of reasons; however, we are lucky enough to live in a time where there are great alternatives to attending regular school. The fact of the matter is that the typical school day does not fit in with some people’s daily lives. More and more young kids are excelling in sports, music, acting and all sorts of other activities that give them a great opportunity to turn their passion into a lucrative career. In these instances, it makes more sense to focus on their future endeavors and work school around them, rather than vice versa.

Many other times kids have been bullied, beat up or harassed at school to such an extent that it is destroying their lives and there is no reason that they should have to be forced to endure that type of suffering. There are literally hundreds of individual examples of what could lead a person to not fit into the typical cookie cutter life that is laid out for a typical high school student, but these are simply some mere examples. Although a lot of the time when a kid is bullied at school it is overall better for them to learn to deal with the problem rather than running away from the problem, often times there truly are no other alternatives and in these situations it is great that technology has allowed for things such as high school online.

Online school has allowed kids to receive a high school education, without having to attend the rigid structured school system that we have set in place as formal schooling. Another big time problem that online schooling has fixed is with kids that have learning disabilities and flat out do not mesh into the normal school day. The structure of a regular high school setting is to teach a broad range of students at the same pace and this is fundamentally wrong on so many levels.

All kids learn at different speeds and kids flat out need different means of processing the same information, but this is highly overlooked in the education system. High school and all other schools down to elementary for that matter are set up in this manner and it really puts kids with learning disabilities and other ailments at a huge disadvantage. Online schooling systems have come a long way in improving the way that these kids learn on a daily basis.

There are countless reasons why the typical school day does not fit in with many students’ lives and online schooling programs are designed to help these kids get the best education they can, while working with their situation on an individual basis. There is no question that these programs have improved upon the education system and have given tons of kids a better chance at a brighter future.